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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Have you completed your Summer home maintenance checklist? As the days begin to shorten, now is the time to ensure you have run through your Summer home maintenance checklist to finish off any projects to prepare for Fall. Check your children’s backyard play equipment for safety issues. Look for pinch points, loose fasteners, worn materials, […]

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Certified Master Inspector for your home inspection

Why hire a Certified Master Inspector?  Training and Experience! Watch this short video on the benefits of having a Certified Master Inspector assist with your home inspection. At Evergreen Property Inspectors we have two Certified Master Inspector’s on staff to train, oversee, and support our team of building inspection professionals on a day to day […]

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Never skip the home inspection

Never skip the home inspection!  We are slowly coming out of a crazy real estate market where a short-term trend surfaced with people forgoing the home inspection and sadly so many are finding out the seriousness of that mistake. Sometimes a bad home was sold with no malice involved by the seller as they did […]

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Hiring Home Inspector in St Louis Metropolitan area

Hiring Experienced Home Inspector in St Louis.  Evergreen Property Inspectors, LLC is seeking an experienced home inspector to join our growing team serving clients in Missouri and Illinois. We prefer at least one year of experience but will train an individual that has construction trade experience and has completed a formal training program such as […]

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Eliminate Sales Funnel Chokepoints

Professional salespeople take a lot of pride in their ability to help clients meet their individual goals and it is frustrating to everyone involved when we hit snags that slow the process down. When we proactively work to eliminate sales funnel chokepoints, we create smoother, more efficient transactions.  ‘Sales funnel chokepoints’ are areas where the […]

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Efficient Systems Lead to Success

Fundamentally every business is made up of processing systems and we see time and time again efficient systems lead to success. I know, ‘systems and processes’ seems like a boring topic. But when you dedicate a little time each week to focus on improving your systems you will reduce errors, improve client satisfaction, do more […]

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2020 Veterans Day Poster Contest winner

Introducing the 2020 Veterans Day Poster Contest winner chosen by the Veterans Day National Committee. Congratulations Casey! The designer, Casey Brown, is a Marine Corps Veteran who served in the infantry and was deployed to Iraq.  “I wanted to express the beauty and rigidness of the camaraderie in military service,” he said. “I would like others to […]

Where can Veterans eat for free on Veterans Day

One of the questions I hear each year from my fellow veterans is Where can Veterans eat for free on Veterans Day. It can be a fun game seeing how many places one can get to in one day and it’s a big deal for people that are on a budget, or have few opportunities […]