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Covid-19 safety during the inspection

Covid-19 safety = Gloves, masks, sanitized shoes, cleaning supplies… what are home inspectors doing to ensure occupants and visitors have a safe home inspection? At Evergreen Property Inspectors our team is lugging around a little more gear as we diligently protect our clients, buyers, sellers, realtors, and everyone else we come into contact throughout the day.

We bring sanitizing supplies, clean our clothes and equipment between inspections, wear separate house shoes vs exterior shoes and clean those as well when leaving a home. We are washing hands frequently, and bring face masks for our clients to make sure none of us are leaving anything behind, or carrying something extra home.

Our employees represent our company and this is why we all train for and adhere to good hygiene practices. Every workplace needs to be hygienic for the health and safety of their customers, visitors, and employees. One of the best ways to ensure excellent workplace hygiene is to implement hygiene training and subsequent policies that all parties are required to adhere to. Below are some of the top reasons why everyone needs to take workplace hygiene seriously.

  1. Healthy employees are happy employees.
  2. Happy employees are productive employees.
  3. Happy employees tend to make happy clients.
  4. A clean workplace helps build your companies reputation.

Our motto is Neighbors Helping Neighbors and that starts with a safe home inspection!

Evergreen Property Inspectors takes Covid-19 safety precautions for buyers and sellers during home inspections in the St. Louis area. Contact us to request an appointment.

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