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Efficient Systems Lead to Success

Fundamentally every business is made up of processing systems and we see time and time again efficient systems lead to success.

I know, ‘systems and processes’ seems like a boring topic. But when you dedicate a little time each week to focus on improving your systems you will reduce errors, improve client satisfaction, do more in less time, and create a competitive edge so you can exceed your goals. Good systems empower your ability to control outcomes!

You would never have made it into this industry without creating a plan and implementing it. Training, choosing a brokerage, lead generation… Systems within your office, systems at the local real estate board, State and National regulators. Systems are everywhere!

It can be overwhelming, so start small. Go back to your annual business plan, break your goals down by quarter, month, week, day, hour. Once you understand your primary goal for this week you can map out the steps you need to accomplish that goal. Now here comes the fun part!  Everyone can get through the planning phase, where people fall down is implementation. Take your production to the next level by concentrating on this one primary goal for this week and delve into what you do and do not like about the steps needed to meet that goal. Face your fears, and create a plan to over come them.

Let’s say my goal is to generate 10 new leads this week. How can you automate this process so that when you wake up Sunday morning you are not wondering what is step one, but instead you are having fun implementing step one.

By mapping out and continuously improving your process in a linear fashion (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3…), you will have a to-do list at the ready. As you move through that list of steps to-do, you will discover smooth and rough areas that you can improve and automate one by one until you have a smooth running system from end to end. Every successful business follows the concept of painting a room. The actual execution of painting is quick and high quality only if you spent the majority of your time and energy to properly prepare.

So stop procrastinating, map out your system, work your system, fix stumbling steps, and automate everywhere you can! You will find your work and personal life to be much more fulfilling as you experience the sales truth that efficient systems lead to success.

Evergreen Property Inspectors provides commercial and residential inspection services to the Greater St. Louis and the Metro East Illinois areas with a mission of helping our neighbors accomplish their real estate goals. Contact us to book our services or call us at 877-805-5255 or 314-620-6822 with any questions.

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