Where can Veterans eat for free on Veterans Day

One of the questions I hear each year from my fellow veterans is Where can Veterans eat for free on Veterans Day. It can be a fun game seeing how many places one can get to in one day and it’s a big deal for people that are on a budget, or have few opportunities to get out for some social interaction. Most of the time it’s just plain fun to share a meal with a friend or family member and have a moment of conversation.

I like going to these places and tipping the waitstaff extra well as it can be a long day for them as they take extra care of older veterans. It’s fun watching the variety of the crowd as you sometimes see people come in uniform, or just reading the baseball caps that show where they served and imagining what life in the military must have been like back then. Sometimes I make a new friend. I always walk away from the day with a little more appreciation for the world around me and the peace and prosperity that is available to me and my family.

Take the time to say hello, a warm smile does a lot of good for our fellow humans traveling this big blue planet.

Here are some resources for Veterans. There are tons of them, so I am trying to stick with resources that can also point you to other resources!

What are some of your favorite resources whether local or not?

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