Evergreen Property Inspectors 100 Day Limited Guarantee


At Evergreen Property Inspectors we are dedicated to creating a 5 star experience. If you feel an item may have been overlooked during our inspection please read through your report, the ASHI (for Missouri)  or Illinois (for Illinois) Standards of Practice  and review the 100 Day Home Guarantee terms below. If something seems amiss, please fill out a Customer Support Concern Form at the bottom of this page and send supporting documentation to ContactUs@EvergreenPropertyInspectors.com. A representative will reach out to learn more about your experience.

At Evergreen Property Inspectors we are dedicated to creating a 5 star experience. If you feel we did not perform the inspection according to your expectations, or feel that an item may have been overlooked during our inspection we have two guarantees in place to assist our clients.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee that applies during the inspection process and before the report is created.

100 Day Limited Guarantee applies to items that were reported to be in good working order at the time of the inspection, had no reported deficiencies or recommended action items,  have not been purposefully damaged by any party, are not covered by insurance or any other guarantee or warranty, and are then found to not be in good working order once you move in.

Simply fill out a claim form and a representative will be in communication to help navigate you through our claims.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee Explained:

This applies to clients that attend the inspection, watch the lengths we go to inspect the home, and are not satisfied with our inspector or our inspection process. Let us know before the report is delivered to you and we will return the inspection fee for the services we performed (Home Inspection). We cannot return any fees for services performed by 3rd party companies once they have dispatched to the site (Termite, Sewer Lateral, Septic, Chimney, or HVAC Inspectors). Receive you refund by letting the Evergreen inspector know you are not happy, or notify the office team at 877-805-5255 or via email at ContactUs@EvergreenPropertyInspectors.com


100 Day Limited Guarantee Explained:

With each full home inspection by Evergreen Property Inspectors the buyer is provided a 100-Day Guarantee for select mechanical and structural systems that were in good working order at the time of the inspection, had no reported deficiencies or recommended action items, and then fail between the inspection date and soon after you move in.

Here is an overview of the guarantee that applies to the “Illinois Home Inspection” and “Missouri Home Inspection” services performed to the ASHI Standards of Practice.

This guarantee covers specific mechanical and structural items that occur after your full home inspection. The guarantee is valid 100 days from the inspection or 22 days from closing, whichever comes later. To make a claim the home buyer would notify our company as soon as the deficiency is discovered, obtain a repair estimate from a licensed contractor that has the cause of failure stated as well as parts and labor costs broken down and submit the claim online here.

Here’s How We Process Your Claim:

  • Within 100 days from the date of home inspection, you must submit the claim.
  • Submit your claim by following this link
  • You must be able to provide a summary describing the alleged deficiency and date of discovery. The documentation should also have photographs of the alleged deficiency.
  • All the necessary documentation should be received within 30 days of the submission of the claim.
  • We have a policy of processing the claims only when we’ve received all the necessary information from the client and repair contractor.
  • Allow 10 days for all the checks to get processed.
  • Evergreen reserves the right to investigate all claims under this guarantee, which may include a visit to the site to investigate claim, collect data and or bring professionals to the site visit.

Excluded Items:

The Evergreen Guarantee does not cover the following:

  • Commercial properties; multi-family dwellings (over 1 unit), as well as systems or appliances classified by the manufacturer as commercial and/or commercial equipment modified for domestic use;
  • Deficiencies related to items, systems and components that were excluded from the home inspection, had a noted defect, damage or worn parts, or noted in the inspection report as in need of service, or further review by a professional, or nearing the end of expected service life, noted in inspection disclaimers or referred to in the inspection agreement, including any system, component or condition that is outside of the ASHI standards of practice;
  • Any item, system or component that was not readily available or not accessible to be inspected by the inspector; (for example, because the item, system or component needed to be operating in order to be inspected and it was shut down or otherwise inoperable at the time of the inspection, or because connecting piping, wiring and/or components were not readily accessible and visible at the time of the inspection);
  • Anything the home inspector did not or could not inspect. Any systems, areas, equipment or components of systems where the Inspector marked the area as having limited access or limited visibility of said system, equipment or component (example 1: tile roofs, second story roofs, high roof areas, wet roofs may receive a limited to no view at all of these areas and must be further evaluated by a licensed roofer for full disclosure) (example 2: internal areas of heaters, water heaters, gas thermocouple devices, gas leaks of any kind in any location, any and all supply valves, etc. are not viewed or tested during the inspection). Claimed deficiencies in these areas will be denied if there is no proof of further evaluation after the home inspection and prior to release of inspection contingencies;
  • Any defects or deficiencies found behind the finished wall/ceiling/floor materials that were not readily visible during the inspection. Shower pan leaks, internal wall/ceiling/floor/slab leaks are not covered. Wiring or wire connections concealed within walls, floors, ceilings or otherwise hidden by items such as insulation, etc. are not covered;
  • Any system or component installed or method utilized to control or remove suspected hazardous substances; Public or private waste disposal systems; Stoppage of water regardless of the reason;
  • Any consequential or incidental damages; water damage and drywall replacement is NOT covered in any way, shape or form. This includes any mold growth or the discovery of mold within walls, behind baseboards, etc.;
  • Any alleged deficiency that is presented for coverage because it relates to a system or component that is not in compliance with codes, regulations, ordinances and/or manufacturer installation specifications; simply and clearly stated; The inspector does not inspect items for building code compliance, municipal codes/requirements and does not verify installation to manufacturer specifications;
  • Damage of items, systems or components after the inspection is performed such as damage to items during a move out or move in of the new owner;
  • Any claims that do not meet the deadlines for claims processing described above;
  • Any additional services such termite inspections, sewer lateral line inspections, Radon testing, mold tests, or any other service provided by the inspector or a 3rd party in addition to the home inspection (or any fees for such services);
  • Repairs or replacement required as a result of fire, freeze, flood, or other acts of God including; accidents; vandalism; neglect; misuse; abuse; missing parts; cosmetic defects; design flaws; manufacturer defect; power failure, shortage, surge, landslides, excessive or abnormal rain/hail/sleet/snow, excessive or abnormal wind, earthquakes, sinkholes or electrical overload;
  • Anything related to Asbestos, lead based paint, wood destroying organisms (including, mildew, mold, fungus growth, poria, etc.), pests/animals and landscaping. Mold growth in ventilated spaces (ie. Attics and/or foundation crawl spaces) is not covered;
  • Anything caused by recalled equipment or materials affected by any class action lawsuit;
  • Any repairs performed without first making a claim;
  • All mechanical items more than 20 years old as they are past their expected service life;
  • Consequential or secondary damage, including consequential damages due to a service contractor’s conventional repair efforts of the primary item;
  • REIMBURSEMENT SCHEDULE: Evaporator Coil $500, Condensing Unit $500, Furnace/Air Handler $500, Packaged Unit $500, Thermostat $150, Water Heater  $300, Dishwasher $300, Range $300, Microwave $150, Refrigerator $500, Washer $300, Dryer $300, Plumbing and roof leaks $250.
  • Maximum total aggregate claim payout under The Evergreen Guarantee is $500;
  • Normal or routine maintenance. You are responsible for performing normal and routine maintenance and cleaning pursuant to the manufacturer’s specifications, including changing HVAC and refrigerator filters.
  • Homes being renovated or remodeled.
  • Fraud or abuse of this Plan.

This is a short term guarantee, not a home warranty.

We highly recommend that all of our clients research and obtain a home warranty.

Links to some of the home warranty companies in our area can be found here.
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Old Republic Home Protection (Missouri) https://www.orhp.com/
American Home Shield https://www.ahs.com/
Select Home Warranty https://www.selecthomewarranty.com/
Complete Home Warranty https://www.completehomewarranty.com/