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Why Every Newly Built Home Needs a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Moving into a new construction home that has been built to your specifications is rewarding. This is a space that perfectly meets your needs and has no signs of wear and tear from a previous owner. However, this does not necessarily mean that your new house is in excellent condition. A smart way to learn about the property’s condition is to order a builder’s warranty inspection. In fact, there are several reasons why every owner of a new construction home should order a warranty inspection within the first year of ownership.

Benefit from a Builder’s Warranty Inspection Soon

This type of property inspection also referred to as an 11th-month warranty inspection, helps you maximize the benefits of the home warranty that your builder provided. Determine your warranty expiration date and be sure to order a builder’s warranty inspection before that date arrives.

1. Use Your Builder’s Warranty Benefits

While a builder’s warranty inspection provides you with peace of mind during the first year, it also covers construction-related defects. Some homeowners file a claim when obvious issues are present, but a warranty inspection gives you insight about the property’s true condition. When you have a comprehensive report on the property’s condition, you can take full advantage of your warranty.

2. Avoid Paying Unnecessary Repair Bills

If you fail to use your warranty benefits before the coverage expires, you are responsible for the cost of repairs. Many issues that are not identified by the homeowner within the first year are structural issues, plumbing problems, wiring issues, and other construction-related flaws. These are not easy for a homeowner to see or identify, but a trained home inspector can. Once they have been noted in the inspection report, you can use your warranty benefits to cover these repairs.

3. Avoid Future Anxiety and Distress

Discovering that your home has issues after the warranty period expires can be distressing. You may have been enjoying your new home until a major problem develops and your house requires thousands of dollars of repairs. Because the warranty has expired, the financial burden will fall on you. Avoid this by ordering a warranty inspection soon and acting on any identified issues before your coverage expires.

4. Eliminate Worries

While many people trust that their new home is in great condition based purely on assumptions, others may worry it’s not. You do not need to wait for something to go wrong with your home. By ordering a builder’s warranty inspection today, you can identify issues and use the warranty to repair them.

Your warranty provides substantial benefits that you can take advantage of by filing a claim. Rather than relying solely on your personal observations about property condition, contact an inspector for a professional review of the home. Order a builder’s warranty inspection at least a month before your coverage ends to give you ample time to act if defects are identified.

Evergreen Property Inspectors provides builder’s warranty inspections and other inspection services to the Greater St. Louis and the Metro East areas. Contact us to book our services.

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