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Never skip the home inspection

Never skip the home inspection!  We are slowly coming out of a crazy real estate market where a short-term trend surfaced with people forgoing the home inspection and sadly so many are finding out the seriousness of that mistake.

Sometimes a bad home was sold with no malice involved by the seller as they did not even know about defects that had developed over the past decade. Other times it was a slumlord or DIY flipper who took advantage of the market to offload properties they knew had major defects that they never would have been able to offload in a balanced market.

If you are thinking about skipping a property inspection, I highly encourage you to reach out to a foundation specialist, a plumbing company, and electrical or HVAC specialist and ask them for examples of high dollar bids they have provided to new homebuyers over the past few months. We are talking thousands of dollars, tens of thousands and we have seen foundation issues over 100K. In some cases the new buyers cannot move into the home because the structural damage is so bad.

I understand that the market is still hot in some zip codes, but, keep in mind that you can leave the inspection contingency clause out, and still get an inspection. Talk to your real estate agent to see if this is a possibility for you to help you be competitive while still protecting your family’s finances.

Don’t count on a home warranty for coverage. Many home warranties do not cover pre-existing conditions and the home inspection is often a document referred to when it comes to determining whether something was pre-existing or not.

Here is one of our recent reviews you can find through google my business search and we hear this from clients way too often.

“Evergreen did a home inspection for me. The home looked amazing and on the surface I thought it was perfect. The home was anything but perfect. They found all the issues and saved me from what would’ve been a money pit. I really appreciate that and will definitely be using them again. I recommend you use them as well.”

If you have recently purchased a home and you did not have a home inspection, it is still a great time to have one completed. Our typical inspection report has 20-40 items that our clients use to start their home maintenance plan which every homeowner should take time to update and complete each year.

Never skip the home inspection unless you are professionally trained in the field and know how to systematically review all of the primary systems of a home. It’s a dedicated process that starts at the roof top and works its way down to the foundation.

Here is a list of some of the most expensive defects found during a home inspection as well as a list of the most common items found during a home inspection.

Evergreen Property Inspectors is a member of ASHI, InterNACHI, and in the state of Illinois which has a licensing program we are properly licensed for home inspection and radon measurement services. Evergreen has inspectors living around the St. Charles and St. Louis area in Missouri and Illinois. Contact us to book our services. Click on our Resources tab to view the standards of practice that our team follows.

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