Declutter for peaceful productivity

Storage Organization

We enjoy our living and work spaces better when we declutter for peaceful productivity.

Follow these steps to start your decluttering process by creating three actionable categories.

  1. Share- pass treasured belongings and family heirlooms to the the next generation. You can gift these on birthdays and holidays. Keep assets that will continue to significantly increase in value in case you need them for retirement funds. Those items you can leave to others in your will or trust to reduce capital gains taxes.
  2. Sell and Profit- Estate Sale Liquidators, Consignment shops and the Internet sites. Taking items out of boxes or off your desk top and transferring them in to your bank account is a win win!
  3. Recycle or trash dump it- Disposing responsibly may be the most complex, but, also the most important work when it comes to caring for the environment. Determine what can be recycled in your area, what needs to be disposed of as hazardous waste, and what can be trashed. Call a local bulk-trash pick up service and ask if they handle recycling, hazarddous materials, as well as trash pick up and ask for recommendations if they do not handle all three. Hazardous waste items such as paints, chemicals, and electronics which can contain heavy metals. Be prepared that some companies will charge extra for handling electronics and other hazardous items.

Once you have cleared out some space, keep that home decluttered!

  • Labels storage areas so you know what is where and you stop buying more of the same things you already have.
  • Keep your labeled areas rather broad. For example a file folder can say Transportation instead of separate folders for Registration, Maintenance, Bikes and Cars.
  • Organize your storage so it is easy to access. Quality boxes that are labeled, stacked and accessible.
  • Keep your declutter process going. Every few months take a moment to consider the Share, Sell, or Trash.


We can’t help you declutter for peaceful productivity.

We can help you keep on top of home maintenance with an annual home maintenance inspection. We do not do any repairs, but we can replace batteries and filters if you have them ready for us while we are onsite. We’ll review the home and provide you with a list of items we find that need repairs or maintenance to prolong the life of those components and help you maximize the return on your home investment. Call us to schedule your annual home maintenance inspection today at 877-805-5255 or email us at

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