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Annual Home Maintenance Inspection


As the weather starts to cool down and the days become a little shorter my attention turns to prepping my home for the Winter cold and Spring rains. Each month I have a short checklist of home maintenance items to review. November’s list starts with an ‘annual home maintenance inspection”.

I get out the ladder and look for things like debris in gutters, overgrown vegetation, separating roof flashings, caulking around windows doors, areas that need a new coat of paint. (This is the time of year that squirrels love to tear up fascia boards so they can build nests in attics.)   In some areas the roof is too steep, too high of the ground, or the chimney is too high off the roofline to inspect safely. In those scenarios, I either hire another company to come out, or, get out the drone.

I go through each of the primary home systems to ensure they are in good shape going into Winter. Being proactive with an annual home maintenance inspection brings me tremendous peace of mind come January when snow arrives and I know my home has already been buttoned down for Winter.

In order to help our clients that do not have the time or tools to inspect their own home, Evergreen Property Inspectors offers an annual home maintenance inspection for only $200. We come out in November or December to review the home systems while you still have time to fix things. We can even handle small maintenance items such as changing the HVAC disposable filters for you while we are onsite and replace your smoke detector batteries and burnt out light bulbs that are reachable from step ladder if you provide the filters, batteries, and bulbs.

We’ll provide a written report so you can create your own to-do list and document repairs so that if you ever decide to sell you can show the prospective buyer that you cared for your home on a regular basis. We can set this up annually, or every few years – you choose the schedule.  If you choose to retest for Radon at the same time it is only $100 for past clients and $125 for new clients (48 hour commercial grade continuous radon monitor).

Act now to reserve your spot for this Fall, we have limited availability and these fill up quick. Schedule online, or, call us and we can find a spot for you in November or December before the Winter and Spring rains.

Evergreen Property Inspectors provides annual home maintenance inspections in November and December to help clients prepare their home for Winter in the Greater St. Louis and the Metro East areas. Contact us to book our services.

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