Quickly obtain repair estimates

We are now offering RepairPricer as an option on all of our inspection reports so you can quickly obtain repair estimates.

After the inspection report is prepared Buyers, Sellers and their Realtors are faced with the task of understanding how those defects translate into dollars. Scheduling repair people to provide estimates is difficult and time consuming. Using a service like Repair Price that provides repair estimates based off the report allows you to quickly obtain repair estimates from your home inspection report so all parties can understand these expenses.

Repair Pricer is an AI-powered home inspection cost calculator that can turn any home inspection report into a highly accurate repair estimate in 24 hours or less.

  • More than 98% accurate – based off professional repair rates, of course rates will vary by service provider and we always encourage multiple estimates before starting your project when time allows.
  • Save Time, reduce stress- 24 HR turnaround on ALL reports so you spend less time waiting & more time negotiating.
  • Zip code specific- so you can negotiate with power and confidence.
  • Produced by independent third party for unbiased reports.

Watch our short video below to learn more. This is an $80 value that can be added to your inspection through our discounted rate of only $70. The RepairPricer.com service is an excellent way to quickly obtain repair estimates from your inspection report.



How to use RepairPricer to save time, money, and provide unbiased cost estimates from a third party company.

Learn the basics on Repair Pricer. Geared toward helping Realtors understand how the program helps all parties through repair negotiations.

Hear from a Realtor how the Repair Pricer Program helps the parties involved quickly obtain repair estimates during the real estate transaction.

How to read your RepairPricer Report. Once you receive the report, it will most likely have some duplicated costs on various systems. For example on a roof, you may have a cost in the report to replace the roof, as well as costs to repair the roof. You obviously would not do both, and RepairPricer gives you the options to pick and choose the information that you want to use. You can and should edit your report.



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