Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s time to read through the seasonal home maintenance checklist and take a couple hours to prepare your home for the changing season.

Home maintenance can be as simple as hiring a handyman to come out for a half day each quarter, or rolling up your sleeves on a Saturday and doing it yourself.

Either way, home maintenance is important to retaining the value of your home and a little maintenance completed each quarter prevents thousands of dollars of damage over time. Some maintenance items need to be be completed multiple times per year such as changing water or air filters. Other items may need attention once a year, or only every few years such as caulking around roof flashings. No matter what the schedule, make it a habit to have a plan and work that home maintenance plan on a regular basis!

Water is one of the most destructive forces to modern homes. The wood and materials that are used today are great for comfort, but are less resistant to water damage vs the materials we used in the past. Modern homes have much more insulation and tighter air control which leads to a cozy comfortable home. However, all of these comfort controls can lead to trapped moisture and high humidity in walls and attics not only from the water we are producing on the inside of the home through cooking and bathing. But also from rain, water, and ice buildup on the exterior.

Make sure that the flashings, caulking and weather stripping is in good shape before winter hits as these wear out every few years due to the exposure to hot and cold weather as well as UV light that dries out the flexible compounds. Before each Winter, I take a good look over my homes exterior envelope including the roof, gutters, downspouts, siding material, and all roof and wall penetration flashings including around doors and windows. Keep that water out!

Download the below Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist and take care of these items to maximize the value of your home!

Seasonal Home Maintenance

  • My favorite is to review your old home inspection report and tackle any items that still need to be repaired.

Stay comfortable and safe with tips like our Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist and you’ll not only be cozy, but you’ll also maximize the life and value of your home systems!

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