Does your home have a dehumidifier running Spring to Fall?

Does your home have a dehumidifier running Spring to Fall? Most homes in our region need to have one in operation to control the humidity levels.

We often find signs of high humidity conditions that can be detrimental to homes and occupants. Keeping a de-humidifier running from March to September is necessary in most homes with basements throughout our region.

Humans- Most people are comfortable with humidity levels that range from 30-60% with 45-55% being ideal. I am going to explain why keeping your humidity levels around 50% or lower can be a smart choice!

Insects-  Many insects like humidity levels around 70% or above. When you have high humidity levels in your home, you are creating conditions that allow insects to thrive. They will find cracks and crevices to creep into your home where they can create their own little permanent residence. The dryer the interior environment, the more uncomfortable for insects like crickets, beetles, and centipedes.

Mold/Allergens- Mold spores thrive in environments with humidity levels at 60% or above. While mold can grow in a wide range of environments, keeping the humidity at 50% will create an environment that helps to discourage mold growth.

Humidity levels fluctuate throughout the day. As you shower, breathe, and cook, you add humidity to the environment. We keep a de-humidifier running in our basement from mid-March to September of each year. Our thermostat on the main floor has a humidity monitor built in, and I also have a Sun Radon LÜFT device in my basement to track multiple environmental conditions.


I recommend buying a humidity monitoring device, keeping a dehumidifier running in your basement from Spring to Fall, and keep your average humidity below or around 50% for a healthy, comfortable environment.

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