Residential Radon Monitor by Sun Radon lüft

Luft Radon Monitor by Sun Radon

I have been using this residential radon monitor by Sun Radon – lüft for almost two years now and I love being able to monitor my home for key environmental air quality metrics.

The Luft allows me to self monitor the radon levels, VOC air quality, and humidity levels in my home.

SunRadon’s lüft is an indoor air monitor for residential use and I have it in my own home as one of our kids has a room in the basement. I know the indoor air quality risks from Radon, CO2, VOC’s and high humidity levels that can encourage pests and mold growth.  I teach a lot of classes on Radon and Mold and clients have been asking for a device like this for years. It’s here, it works, and its a lot cheaper than hiring us to test with our professional equipment every two years.

The device measures:

  • Radon levels
  • VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds
  • CO2 levels
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Pressure.

Through our relationship with SunRadon they are allowing us to offer this consumer model to our residential clients  that want to have a continuous radon monitor in their home throughout the year. The best part is we can offer a 10% discount when you use the link and promo code below.  The device is also available through Amazon and other online retailers, so check prices to get the best value.


Use this link or scan the below QR code and when you get to the checkout page, enter the promo code HEALTHYAIR to get your 10% off.

Remember to look for the button to add a promo code and use HEALTHYAIR at checkout to get 10% off.

I consider this to be a great value because many mitigation companies are selling this same device, but tacking on monthly service plans. You can have the device and monitor yourself with no monthly charges.

When you also consider that the EPA recommends homes be tested for radon every three years even if they have a mitigation system installed and we charge $175 for that testing, this continuous lüft monitor makes sense!





At Evergreen Property Inspectors, we provide radon testing services in Illinois and Missouri, but do not perform any mitigation work. We recommend following EPA to test every two years to ensure the levels in your home are kept below 2.0 pCi/l.  Learn more about radon and home testing devices that have become affordable in recent years. You can reach us at or 877-805-5255.

Article updated 02/02/2024

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